Mar 23, 2015

Rabbanut on Canola Oil and other items for Pesach

Once again the Rabbanut has clarified its stance, on some unclear or disputed issues, regarding Pesach kashrut..

regular white flour:
during the processing of normal flour, the wheat is moistened for 3-9 hours. Therefore, regular white flour is suspected to be chametz.

whole wheat flour and pearl barley:
these are not moistened during processing (I guess that means it is not chametz, but the article does not say so explicitly)

Burgul and oats:
these are moistened with hot water during processing, and are suspected chametz. Some health food stores have natural buckwheat that is not cooked or moistened during processing, and is not chametz.

Canola oil:
this is probably the most interesting. In previous years the Rabbanut has said that Canola Oil is not kitniyot. The mehadrin hechshers, as far as I know, all consider it kitniyot. Abroad there are differing opinions whether it is kitniyot or not.
Generally canola oil is not kitniyot.
one reason is that it only came into being after the gzeira of kitniyot was in effect and is therefore not included in the gezeira (like potatoes).
another reason is during the processing there is not even a minority percentage of the grain, so no kitniyot.

However, some canola oil has added Vitamin E, which is made from soy and is therefore kitniyot.

Aluminum foil:
aluminum foil is no longer made with the foil being oiled. if aluminum was used without a hechsher, no problem.

Bleach and dishwashing soap:
these do not need a hechsher for Pesach. Toothpaste and other things that go into the mouth should have a hechsher. Body soap and shampoo do not need a hechsher.

source: Srugim

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  1. "buckwheat (Burgul)" - Burgul is NOT buckwheat, as buckwheat is not a grain and can never become Chametz. Buckwheat (also known as kasha) grows on a vine, and is even less of an issue than rice.

  2. so what is burgul? I thought it was defined as buckwheat

  3. Burgul is wheat. Buckwheat is כוסמת, kitniyot

  4. If you look at the original article from Srugim it is from 2013. Nothing should ahve changed, but I thought I would point it out.


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