Mar 25, 2015

Shmitta lchumra coming to a government hospital near you!

The Ministry of Health, in response to a request made by MK Uri Maklev (UTJ), has decided to make changes in the food supply in public hospitals.

A new tender will soon be issued for the supply of fruits and vegetables in government-run hospitals. The new supply will include the supply of "shmitta l'chumra" (I still don't understand the name shmitta lchumra) fruits and vegetables, meaning fruits and vegetables from Arab and/or imported produce, and insect-free greens, for patients that prefer these.

Until now, government-run hospitals have only supplied hetter mechira sourced vegetables to its patients. This created a dilemma among some patients, whether to eat or not - never a good thing for a patient to have to worry about.

The list of government-run hospitals include hospitals such as Sheba (Tel Hashomer), Ziv, Hillel Yafe, Rambam, Poriya, Barzilai, among others. Public hospitals, operated by large operations, have found it financially worthwhile to provide mehadrin kashrut, including shmitta lchumra and insect-free produce, but the government-run hospitals chose the basic level of kashrut, as per the guidelines of the Rabbanut.

sources: INN, Hidabroot

It's always good when people have a choice.

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  1. It's always good when people have a choice.
    I suppose it depends who is picking up the tab for the choice.

    Joel Rich

    1. I'm not sure it makes a difference. If the State pays for it, the State is not obligated to take only the cheapest solution available. Perhaps the State needs to take the broadest solution possible, to help the most people.
      we would not want the State to say since it is a government-run hospital with the State paying for the care, they should only use the cheapest medical equipment and methods. Just like we want these hospitals to provide good care, even at the higher cost to the State, so the food they serve should be available to all, even at higher cost to the State

  2. If someone prefers heter mechira, and not Arab produce, does he also have a choice?

  3. while the original article was not clear on this issue, it did seem to me to imply that the option for non Jewish produce is in addition to the supply of hetter mechira produce, not instead of. so everyone will have a choice, if my assumption is correct.


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