Mar 24, 2015

mechiras chametz online via someone not trustworthy

Nowadays there are plenty of websites that facilitate the sale of chametz online (whether you believe the online sale of chametz works or not is a different story).

Generally, in the past, I have seen the mechiras chametz done on religious websites, such as kipa, among others.

This year (it is possible that it was in years past and I just did not notice it), even other websites, not specifically religious, are facilitating the sale. Everybody wants a piece of the pie.

Ynet is facilitating the mechiras chametz, in coordination between Tzohar and Ynet Yahadut.

Even if you trusted a website to process your mechira and you believed it works, would you trust a non-religious website to handle your mechiras chametz? Would you trust Ynet specifically, which has recently (even more than in the past) shown itself to be extremely biased and unreliable?

Even in the offline world, trusting a non-religious person to deal with halachic issues for you can be questionable (to put it mildly). To use a faceless organization online that has clear and obvious anti-religious sentiments - I don't know how they can be relied upon. Tzohar is fine, but Ynet?

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  1. You clearly put that last sentence in as bait, and I will not rise to it :-)

  2. YNet isn't doing the selling of the Chametz - they are simply a partner in spreading the word to a large readership - allowing even more people to partake in this element of the chag. So what's the issue?

  3. powerful lesson in Emunah


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