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Mar 26, 2015

State chametz almost couldn't be sold

The elections created an unusual problem.

I would have expected that all the positions held by the last government continue and remain in place until the new government is formed.

It seems though that  all the temporary appointments from prior to the elections (because some of the ministers were fired and needed to be replaced with temporary appointments) have come to an end, as temporary appointments are only good for 3 months. At the time of elections, 3 months had passed and the tmporary appointments came to an end..

One of those temporary appointments was Minister of Finance, originally held by Yair Lapid and then temporarily held by Benjamin Netanyahu.

The problem with this is that with nobody holding the position of Minister of Finance, there was nobody authorized to see the state-held chametz. Only the Minister of Finance, or someone authorized by the Minister of Finance, can sell State assets. With the temporary appointment coming to an end, the position remained empty and there would be nobody to sell the State's chametz.
source: Kipa

uh oh

That's ok. A solution was found.

Chief Rabbi Dovid Lau was involved in searching for a solution. Benjamin Netanyahu was again appointed, temporarily, to return to the role of Minister of Finance (among the other temporary positions he has held). This is a boring solution, and it was not implemented specifically for the purpose of the sale of the chametz, but it solves the problem.
source: Kipa

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  1. Where will Yair Lapid be at the Pesach Seder this year?

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