Jun 1, 2017

Aryeh Deri or Eli Yishai?

There are rumors swirling due to the legal problems that Aryeh Deri is facing. Some are reporting that the Shas rabbinic leaders are preparing for the worst and are looking for Deri's replacement and have even spoken to Eli Yishai about him possibly returning to the mantle of Shas leadership. Others are reporting that the Shas rabbis are denying any such moves and claim that Deri is the leader and there is no other.

I obviously have no personal knowledge of what the Shas leadership is or is not doing, and will not speculate as to what is actually happening.

I will just ask, why Eli Yishai? The same question could have, or should have, been asked a couple of years ago about Deri - why Aryeh Deri?

is there nobody else for Shas to turn to? is there nobody else they can groom for leadership of the party? Are they unable to find anyone capable besides for Deri and Yishai? Deri is an ex-con, and might be a future-con. Did they have to give him the reigns again? They skewered Eli Yishai in the past - do they have to go back to him now? Is there nobody else they can turn to? What happened to the promising young Ariel Attias - is he unavailable? Even if he isn't available or doesnt want the job - is there nobody else? Do we have to just go back to the same two people over and over again?

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1 comment:

  1. The fact that Shas went back to Deri as soon as they possibly could tells you all you need to know about the party. The Rabbanim are corrupt, immoral and not deserving of the time of day, never mind any respect.


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