Jun 7, 2017

Bet Shemesh in contempt


The courts in Jerusalem have warned Iryat Bet Shemesh to remove the "tzniyus signs" from the streets within 30 days or else be fined to the tune of 10,000nis PER DAY!

The courts have already ruled that City Hall must remove the signs and this ruling comes as a result of City Hall Bet Shemesh not doing so. They are in contempt of court, according to the judges, and must remove them or be fined like this.

City Hall claims they cannot remove the signs due to the threat of violence that would be a result of their removal, but the judges reject that and said that leaving the signs up gives them legitimacy and puts women in danger.
source: Kikar

I guess they will be raising the arnona to cover the fines.. they'd probably do better giving personal fines to the city leadership, rather than fining the city itself.

The threat of violence isn't a good excuse. the city should not be afraid of enforcing its laws. If it does not want to, just say so and don't make excuses about not being able to. They can impose fines on the buildings that the signs hang from, they can fine the people who hang them, they can put liens on accounts of violators, they can deal with the violence by installing the security cameras they approved a few years ago but have refused to install and punish the relevant areas with limited services, and probably a hundred or so other methods...

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