Jun 7, 2017

kids at risk in Haredi community (video)

this chinuch expert, Rabbi Moshe Blau from Bnei Braq, says that a kid at risk who is connected to the Haredi news and politics is fine even if he isn't even putting on tefillin and is not really at risk, but if he is putting on tefillin but is not interested in the Haredi news and politics, then he is really in trouble... his ocnnection to the Haredi community and its infighting and politics is far more important an indicator than anything else, even keeping or not keeping mitzvos.

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  1. Rav Neriyah ztz"l once said something similar: that a boy who takes off his kippah is in more danger than one who stops putting on tefillin, because the kippah is a sign of identification.

  2. Both are an oversimplification because you can't say action X is an identity action and action Y is only a private/personal one in all cases. It can often be the opposite.

    Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach was known for avoiding any gossip about frum community politics. Someone like that is in danger?!

  3. What a fool.
    A person who is proud of communities dirt and feels that is the Torahs primary selling point?
    What hope is there for these kids if this is who we are delegating to mekarev them?
    And incidently, thank you mr Abuttball for sitting there in acquiescence to this rubbish.
    Making our city look intelligent and Torah like.As usual.

    1. "chinuch expert". Rachmana litzlan.

  4. This yells "we are a cult!" to me.


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