Jun 5, 2017

Nissim "Fly Away" ניסים – לעוף (Official Video)

With words that touch the soul and music so uplifting that it soars effortlessly skyward on gossamer wings, Nissim Black is back once again, this time with the optimistic Fly Away that carries a message of hope and promise. 

Filmed in South Africa by Director Daniel Finkelman, Fly Away is the message a young teen who is part of a community of converts to Judaism living in the slums of Johannesburg, where conveniences like running water and electricity are nothing more than a dream and violence and fear are part of the daily diet. Against all odds, the light of Judaism burns brightly with his soul, giving him the confidence to believe that, like Nissim, he too will one day able to emerge from a cocoon of darkness into a world illuminated by the beauty of a life filled with Torah. 

Having grown up surrounded by frightening adversity, Nissim’s lyrics and music come straight from the heart, inspiring listeners to rise above their circumstances, follow their dreams and dare to do the impossible. Nissim has already made a huge mark in the Jewish music world in two previous music videos, collaborating with Israeli superstar Gad Elbaz and director Daniel Finkelman of Sparks Next in Hashem Melech 2.0 and L’chaim, both of which went viral on YouTube.

“Nissim has become a role model for so many, achieving so much against all odds,” said Finkelman. “Having experienced a similar journey, his message here is don’t feel like you are stuck in life. Let go, break your boundaries and fly away because the possibilities are endless.”

Fly Away is being released in conjunction with Nissim’s highly anticipated album, Lemala. An original Nissim composition with arrangements by Yosef Brown, Fly Away is a Sparks Next production directed by Daniel Finkelman with executive producers Adam Margules of the Lost Tribes and EOM Travel that specialize in discounted premium traveling.

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