Jun 4, 2017

Proposed Law: Discounted prices for yeshiva bochurim on public transportation

MK Yaakov Asher (UTJ) has proposed a law that would grant the same discounted rates on public transportation for students to yeshiva bochurim.

Previously the Finance Minister was opposed to this, but it seems he has been persuaded to agree to let the law pass, so it is being raised now.

The point of the law is based on the recommendation by the Trachtenberg Committee to expand the maximum discounts (50%) to more sectors as a way of promoting the use of public transportation in line with criteria set by Bituach Leumi.
source: Kol Hai News

it is funny to me how everything needs to be voted on as a law. If they want to promote public transportation, or give benefits to specific communities, just set a table of discounts and let qualifying people apply. Declare it to be for a period of 2 years or 5 years or 6 months or whatever, and move ahead. The fact that a discount for a bus ride needs to go through the Knesset is just weird.

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  1. not during the hours that they are supposed to be sitting in Yeshiva, of course!

  2. it turns out this was postponed again, because the Finance Ministry refused to support it. It seems Deri's office and the Finance Ministry are using two different sets of numbers. Deri says it will cost only 5 million shekels, as he is including only yeshiva bochurim who go home once every two weeks on average. The Finance Ministry says it will cost upwards of 60 million, as they are using numbers that include kollel avreichim that use the bus every day.
    so far Deri hasnt been able to convince the Finance Ministry to not include the avreichim in the calculation, so the bill has been put on hold for now.


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