Jun 12, 2017

Proposed Law: Ministers Resigning from the Knesset

A while back a version of what is known as the "Norwegian Law" was passed that allows a minister from each party sitting in government to resign his seat from the Knesset to allow an alternative party member to take that seat, and should the government eventually be altered and the minister would lose his seat, he could choose to return to his Knesset seat.

Now, MKs Yoel Hasson (Hamachane Hatzioni) and Dovid Bitan (Likud) have proposed a larger scale version of the Norwegian law that would require all ministers appointed to the government to resign their Knesset seats. The Knesset seats will be filled by moving down to the next available person on each relevant party list.

The proposal has support from both sides of the benches, along with from the Israeli Institute of Democracy, as currently MKs are members on average in 5 different Knesset committees, and that is far above the average among parliaments around the world. The parties are largely supporting it as a way to get more members into the Knesset and involved at that level.
source: Kooker

If it enables them to do their work better, it is a good idea.

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