Jul 9, 2017

Eichler uses racist term for sefardim

So, MK Yisrael Eichler called sefardim by the derogatory slang name "frenkim", saying the frenkim go to the army because they are weaker (i.e. weaker in torah and spirituality than the ashkenazim).

Eichler said this in conversation with "internal' Belz media contacts, but it was a "hot mic" and leaked.

Now there is a debate raging about whether not Eichler is a racist because of his referring to Sefardim as "frenkim". His office denies it saying there was not a hint of condescension in his voice or tone. He called it "fake news" and apologized to anyone hurt by what he said. He was supposedly opposing the claims of the "Peleg" people that there is a draft decree in Israel and more Sefardim get drafted as cover for the ashkenazim. According to Eichler he was saying there is no draft decree but there is a problem with people dropping out of yeshiva, ashkenazim and sefardim, in Israel and abroad, and many of them end up in the army.

Whatever he said, and whatever he meant, and in whatever context he actually said it, a public figure like Yisrael Eichler would do well do banish such slang and derogatory names from his lexicon. Eichler builds his persona on his sharp tongue and character but nowadays using such derogatory names is not acceptable in society. He can easily show his concern for the sefardi yeshiva boys without calling them "frenkim". It is even a bit surprising that a seasoned politician like Eichler would use such a term, even on "internal"media, knowing that there is nothing really internal about it.

It might not be my place to express outrage on behalf of the sefardim, but I can at least suggest that Eichler wisen up about such things.

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1 comment:

  1. Maybe this MK should look in the mirror to see who the bad guy is.


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