Jul 11, 2017

Flatbush Girl starts campaign to stop the erasing of women

Personally, I don't find the antics of "flatbush girl" all that funny, but some of her clips are funnier than others, and her antics are often cute, even if just for the sheer stupidity of them. Adina Miles, a.k.a. FlatbushGirl,  has graced the pages of this blog with a couple of her videos.

She is stirring up some social change now in the religious media..

FlatbushGirl has posted on her social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc) about a movement to pressure the frum media to stop blurring out, or banning, images of women.

Here is what she writes:
Men & Women - spread the word: Share a post with #FrumWomenHaveFacesWhat kind of message are we sending our daughters & sons when they look through a magazine & there are no female faces to be seen? We all know that a picture says a 1,000 words. Just the name of a woman is not enough.
In the last 20 years, Jewish publications were faced with a dilemma: what is a modest woman? Instead of embracing this as a time to create torahdig guidelines, editors got lazy. Rather than coming up with proper tznius parameters, they decided to remove women entirely & they rationalized: women are strong – they’ll be able to handle being omitted from the conversation. The 100s of people who have reached out to me aren’t going to tolerate this anymore.We can’t allow the fear of nuances to drive us towards extremism. With the internet in everyone’s pockets, we are raising a generation today that is faced with more influence from the outside world than ever before. If girls can’t see visible role models within the mainstream publications, they will turn to other more dangerous places.
"Im Lo Achshav, Aimasai?" Now is the time to iron out the details until we can all agree to guidelines. Here’s my proposal: SHOW FEMALES FROM NECK UP.
I wholly respect men & women who as a personal choice would prefer to keep their faces private. But the Jewish religion does not use veils. We unanimously agree that face coverings is not an acceptable standard for our community. If frum women are allowed to walk around outside with their faces uncovered, visit other people’s homes, & be out in the workforce, then their faces should be allowed to be in print as well.
My husband & I have reached out to Daas Torah to petition this cause. The Rabbanim who shared our views regarding neck-up photos were unwilling to put their names behind this cause #politics.
I have hit a brick wall & I am turning to you: Let it be known that your voice is louder than the extremists who have weaponized & twisted the words of Kol Kvoda Bas Melech Penima.
Men, we need your voices too. We need your support because you’re the demographic that the publications "think" they’re "protecting" by not showing a woman’s face. Let them know that veiling your wives, daughters, sisters, & mothers is more a travesty than the possibility that you might be triggered by a woman’s face.

FlatbushGirl is also being featured for her campaign in the New York Daily News.
 “I love my community. I’m not going anywhere. People can threaten me and ask me to leave. I’m Jewish whether they like that or not,” said Miles, 29, who runs the Flatbush Girl Instagram account.Miles took out an ad in the Flatbush Jewish Journal to thank City Councilman Chaim Deutsch for joining her for a local graffiti cleanup. The ad featured a photo of herself smiling next to the Brooklyn pol and a crew of volunteers.
But the paper refused to run a photo of her unblurred face, saying it violated modesty rules. They also refused to print the word “girl” in her moniker — so she slapped an emoji laughing so hard tears pour out of its eyes over her face, hoping to draw attention to the absurdity of the rule.
They were making me not show my face. They wouldn’t let me print the word ‘girl.’. . . I wanted to become a scapegoat bringing attention to this issue,” said Miles, who also changed “Flatbush Girl” to “Flatbush Boy” in the message thanking Deutsch for his help.
“We’re not even second-class citizens. We’re not being let in,” she said, adding she wanted “to bring awareness to how ridiculous the standards of the publication have become.”
Since posting a video on Instagram commenting on the incident, the married mother of two boys said online detractors have threatened to ostracize her children from community institutions.
I am in favor of her campaign

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  1. Her chances of success are as good as getting the Clinton's to support Trump.


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