Jul 12, 2017

Lakewood Kiddush Hashem

Considering the recent scandal in Lakewood that gave it, and the entire frum community, a bad name, it is worth publishing this story out of Lakewood to show that, obviously, not everyone is bad, there are good people there, and perhaps more importantly, just to give Lakewood some good press.

The Lakewood Scoop is reporting that a local resident was waiting for a wire transfer to his account from a corporation. When it came through he noticed that he was given too much money, by $30,000!

He contacted the relevant people and they insisted the sum was correct and that he should keep the money. He still refused to keep the money that did not belong to him and that was given to him by some mistake. He contacted the corporation again and proved to them their error, and then ordered the bank to transfer the money back.

Kiddush Hashem!

and, sure enough, after writing the above, I saw online that a friend in Jerusalem posted a similar story that just happened to him, and it has happened to him before as well

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  1. Why is doing what is proper\correct considered Kiddush Hashem?

  2. How do we know either story is true?


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