Jul 4, 2017

Rav Pam's patriotic July 4th

 I saw this story online, and being that today is July 4th, I felt it was appropriate to post..

Rav Pam z'tl every year would put out a flag on July 4th. One year in his older years, his granddaughter from out of town had a date on July 4th out of Rav Pam's house, she asked her grandmother " if zeidy could not put out the flag this year since she found it not to be the "yeshivish" thing to do and she was embarrassed if the boy would see it."
Her grandmother said, "Don't worry, Zeidy is weak today he doesn't have the strength to put it out today." So when the boy rang the bell there was no flag up.
Rav Pam answered the door and he said to the boy, "Excuse me, would you mind helping me put out the flag for July 4th? I'm too weak to do it myself."
And rav Pam together with the boy put out the flag like he did every year to show his hakaros hatov.
HT - Max Edelkopf

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