Dec 18, 2017

Cofix bringing price back down to 5nis

According to Maariv, business at Cofix has taken a big hit since they raised the price from 5nis per item to 6nis per item. The stores have gone from being busy and full all the time to being nearly empty. Customers rejected the 1 shekel increase in price, though the owner claimed increasing overhead forced him to do so.

Personally, 6nis for a cup of drink (I dont drink coffee so when I went to Cofix it was for other things) or a bowl of cholent or whatever is still very cheap, and I understand that nothing else is staying the same - overhead increases with rent and employment costs and price of their suppliers... but the market in general rejected it. There might have been a psychological issue at play as well, with customers expecting to pay 5, as that what Cofix was famous for, and then really pay 6. As well, you can't just reach into your pocket and pay for your cup of coffee with 1 coin, but have to fish around for at least 2 coins - though I would guess most customers are buying more than 1 item - a coffee and a danish, for example.

Anyways, in an attempt to draw back the base, Cofix is now lowering the price back down to 5. Hopefully the customers will go back and the damage has not already been done.

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  1. 1. It's Cofix, not Coffix. You might want to edit your story.
    2. I was standing in line behind someone at Cofix just after the price change went into effect. The customer was berating the girl behind the counter because the price went up. I remember thinking that if he has that much of a problem paying one extra shekel, perhaps he should stay at home and drink his coffee there. I remain a steady customer, no matter what the cost is.

  2. fixed. thanks. even if he has a justified problem with it and thinks 6 is too high a price,he shouldnt take it out on the minimum wage "barista" behind the counter. it isnt her fault.


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