Dec 19, 2017

Pregnant Woman Parking Pilot in Rehovot

City Hall in Rehovot has started marking parking spots around town in pink, close to the shopping areas, office buildings, health clinics, and institutions, in pink, designated for pregnant women. They are giving out special parking tags to pregnant women, good for a year, to those who apply. For now, during the pilot period, the first designated spots are close to the health clinics, and will later be expanded to other areas.

The mayor, Rahamim Malul, is proud of the initiative that was brought to him and approved and says Rehovot is a city friendly to young couples and creative in finding solutions to problems around town.

The new parking regulations designated for pregnant women will be enforced and violators will be ticketed. The parking permit will continue after birth for a period of time to ease their visits to doctors with the baby and dealing with strollers and whatnot.
source: Rehovot Hayom

Great idea. I like it. I hope other cities follow suit. The chosen color bothers me a bit. Blue is for handicapped parking (or disabled), not specifically for men. Choosing pink for this seems playing to a stereotype. It also makes me think of breast cancer awareness campaigns.

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1 comment:

  1. Great. Now women are going to start to put pillows in their blouses to cheat the system and get a good spot. And even if they don't, will the Shoter question them, "סליחה גיברת. את בהיריון?" I don't think so.


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