Dec 17, 2017

the discount that won't be given out

A shop is offering a discount the shopkeep knows nobody can take advantage of, but offering it gets him good press coverage.

The shop offering the discount is located in Gaza and is a shawarma joint. The discount being offered is an 80% discount to all North Korean patrons. Nobody can take advantage of it because there are no North Koreans in Gaza - not as tourists, not as residents and not as foreign aid workers.

Mr Ibrahim Raba has offered the discount anyway, despite knowing all this, in order to show appreciation for Kim Jong Un's rejection of Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
source: Times of Israel

with the price of shawarma in Gaza being 5-8nis, Mr Raba probably does not really want any North Koreans to come visiting... though when average Mr North Korean Joe is looking for a nice vacation spot, 1.5nis shawarma can be very appealing and tip the scales in choosing Gaza as his vacation spot!

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1 comment:

  1. Does a North Korean have to show up in person to receive his discount? Maybe call up and, in your best North Korean accent, say you're a North Korean visiting Israel and want them to deliver a shwarma to you.


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