Dec 31, 2017

Proposed Law: stricter punishments for defacing posters with images of women

MK Yulia Malinovsky (Yisrael Beyteynu) has proposed a law that would make the punishment a bit harsher for defacing signs bearing the images of women in the public sphere.

Until now the punishment by law has been up to months in prison, that was generally converted to community service or a fine. The new law would punish the offender with a full year in prison.

The new law, if it passes, would require the defacing to have been done for reasons of gender bias, and not just good old regular vandalism.
source: Kikar

I am sure that, despite this being proposed by a coalition member it will be shot down by other coalition members. While that remains to be seen, I do not see how they will either suddenly start catching these vandals, when they have hardly done so in the past, or how they will prove it was done out of gender bias rather than generic vandalism. My guess is they will assume if the offender has a Haredi appearance they will assume gender bias, while any other offender will be assumed generic vandalism.

I don't see this law passing. Even if it does, I don't see it being useful or effective in any way.

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1 comment:

  1. Seems the Knesset specializes in passing stupid laws.


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