Dec 21, 2017

Trump WILL move the embassy

listening to United States Ambassador o the United Nations Nikki Haley speak prior to the UN vote against the recent US declaration regarding Jerusalem made me think...

When the USA made the declaration recently, a lot of people said it is an empty declaration. Trump won't really move the embassy. If he wanted to, he could just change the sign on the consulate building in Jerusalem to say embassy. Clearly he won't really do anything.

Well, with the events in the UN of the past few days, Trump and Haley are fighting back against the world attack and regularly repeat that they WILL move the embassy and as a sovereign nation it is their right to make that decision.

So, even if Trump was originally not intending to actually move the embassy, and I do not know if he was or was not, at this point he might have been pushed and forced into it. After repeating for days "we WILL move the embassy" and that they now have to fight about it, Trump is clearly going to do it, whatever his original intentions really were.

here is the live broadcast of the vote and speeches:

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