Dec 25, 2017

Peleg in uniform

Remember the guys from the Peleg group that were arrested for being AWOL and were saying they were going to refuse to wear uniforms while in prison?

It seems this has not worked out too well for them... they showed up in court the other day in full IDF regalia..

For all the details, see the Behadrei article about what is going on..

Interesting details:
They seem to have made friends with the soldiers guarding the prison.
They do what they can to avoid contact with females.
They sometimes refuse to wear the uniform and then get sent to solitary confinement for bit. They say they prefer it because there are less women there, and the additional quiet is better for learning.
The thing they miss most, they say, is Thursday night cholent
They say they learn a lot in jail, even more than in yeshiva - even up to 11 hours a day

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1 comment:

  1. Right, if they were learning a lot in Yeshiva they wouldn't have had time for all of those demonstrations.


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