Dec 31, 2017

Israeli TV Channel 2 Profiles Charedim in New York - Part 4 (video)

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  1. OKAY, an enjoyable series on CHASSIDIM (NOT Charedim) in New York.

    A touch of the Lakewood yeshiva and its surroundings paints a picture of the majority of Charedim are in Yeshivos. There is an entire Charedi world of men, women, young men and women who attend college, pursue careers, are involved in Kiruv, move out to pioneering communities, play sports, are engaged in the life of Israel, have children who live there and are planning to join them and even a minority who have served or have children serving in IDF. Their language is not Yiddish rather English or Ivrit. They dress modestly and fashionably and engage with Western culture by traveling, visiting museums, attending concerts, sports activities and reading English/Secular newspapers.

    For instance, the majority of Litvish yeshivos boycotted/did not attend the Barclay event & do not share the hashkafa of embarrassing and DElegitimatizing the state of Israel publicly. They were not the group that harassed Rav Steinman zt"tl when he visited in American years ago and do not hang banners and public signs shaming the country. This was not the hashkafa of Rav Moshe or Rav Yakov zt"tl.
    There is a large Sefardic Kehilla in Brooklyn that was not touched upon at all. They do not share the yiddish language with Chassidim and are much more connected to Eretz Yisroel where many family members live. The Sefardim are mega donors to various mosdos, organizations and involved personally with life in Israel.


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