Jan 6, 2019

Measles patient infects 80+ babies

A father of a newborn baby in the hospital of Maayanei Hayeshua in Bnei Braq insisted on visiting his new baby in the nursery. Sounds wonderful. A devoted father.

Well, he kept it a secret at the time that he had measles. He was already sick but did not tell the nurses that he was.

This wonderful doting father exposed over 80 newborns, preemies and full-term babies,  including his own, to measles.

When it was discovered, the hospital administration decided to vaccinate the 24 preemies in the ward and the 60 full-term babies.
source: Israel Hayom

If a person wants to be an idiot about himself and not vaccinate himself and his family, and stick to himself, that's one thing, as bad as it is. To go out of your way to expose other people - babies, with no immunity? That is criminal. This person should be arrested.

At least it happened in Maayanei Hayeshua, where the promise and bracha of the Chazon Ish is present that no tragedy and death will occur there. Perhaps that extra protection is what made this person figure he can walk in with such a disease.

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  1. That father should be in jail for the rest of his life. Charges are 80 counts of attempted murder.

  2. I FULLY with Avi


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