Jan 6, 2019

Netanyahu's play on Mandelblits decision

With word going out that Attorney General Avihai Mandelblit will soon be announcing his decision regarding possibly indicting PM Benjamin Netanyahu, even before the upcoming elections, Netanyahu and his people are going on a full-scale offensive against Mandelblit and a possible announcement.

Netanyahu attack is based on his idea that this is tampering with the elections and democracy and is unfairly going to influence voters. Netanyahu says any decision should only be announced after the election, not before.

All information about public officials, and those wanting to become public officials, competing in elections, is relevant to the voters and should be disclosed. Not disclosing information to the public is as much influencing the voters and disclosing information is. Voters have a right to know.

Even more than that - Netanyahu called for early elections in the shadow of a possible indictment hanging over his head. His expectation was to use the possible indictment, with the current police recommendations for one, as a mandate from the public to rule despite the recommendations against him. This seems to be a cynical exploitation of the public. Netanyahu wanted the benefits of the police recommendations to indict, but not the detriments - the actual indictment.

A theory that came to me is that Netanyahu's goal in calling elections was to delay an indictment. Meaning, Netanyahu knew that the walls were closing in and an indictment was due soon. By calling for elections, he thought he could perhaps pressure Mandelblit to delay the indictment, as it would be "interference" in democratic elections in some way.. Mandelblit seems to be a straight shooter, and does not care about these games - it seems he does what his job requires him to do, and Netanyahu also now sees that.

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  1. That is exactly how Gil Hoffman of JPost called it on day 1.



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