Feb 10, 2019

Picture of the Day - too bad he can't dunk

Amare Stoudamire at the Ministry of Interior offices applying for Israeli citizenship... According to the media, his forms are expected to be approved in time for him to play for Hapoel Jerusalem tomorrow..

Now let's juxtapose that with this report in Kipa of a young Ethiopian man, grandson of an Ethiopan "Kess" (what they call their rabbi or priest in Ethiopian) - when he arrived with his family in Israel at the age of 5, the entire family underwent a "giyur lechumra" - a conversion just to remove any doubt - as they are from the Beta Israel sect, though this young fellow did his conversion 3 years later, separate from his family. The article does not say why he did not do it with his family, but I am not sure it matters.

When he was in the army he discovered he was still listed as Christian in the Ministry of Interior records, as he was invited to the IDF conversion course, called Netiv. This fellow went to the Rabbanut beis din in Ashkelom to clarify his status and they confirmed him as Jewish and gave him documentation to that effect.

A few years later this fellow wants to get married only to discover that the Ministry of Interior still lists him as Christian and the beis din's confirmation of his Jewishness is inadequate.

After some appeals and loopholes, it turned out he was approved to marry, as the letter form beis din was deemed enough for that purpose, though he continued to be listed as a Christian in the official State records. Later that decision was reversed as well, and the State refused to register his marriage.

The State of Israel offices do not recognize each others decisions and this poor kid can't get himself properly registered because of it. Too bad he cant dunk a basketball.

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1 comment:

  1. Incompetence coupled with bigotry. That's Israeli Bureaucracy in a nutshell.


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