Feb 3, 2019

Ron Kobi bringing private public transportation to Tiberias on Shabbos

A short while ago, this afternoon, Ron Kobi, mayor of Tiberias, announced the start of public transportation on Shabbos in his city.

Kobi, energized from continued success of his program to turn Tiberias into the recreational center of northern Israel, after bringing over 20,000 people from around Israel to Tiberias to celebrate and enjoy the day on the boardwalk, once again with snow trucked in from the Hermon, is now movving ahead with this next step. Too many people can't enjoy because they are stuck at home with no way to get down to the boardwalk, as they do not have cars of their own and there is no public transportation on Shabbos. So this will help them enjoy as well.

The bus service will be run by a private organization, a non-profit, and will operate free of charge on Shabbos.

Here is a video of him announcing it. The strangest part is how he darshans that this is ultimately the best way to keep Shabbos..

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1 comment:

  1. Wow.

    Made-up, nonsensical deroshas in order to rationalize and justify one thing or another.

    Never heard that before.

    Never, ever would one come across anything like this among inzerer.


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