Feb 4, 2019

The Shalva Band's semi-final performances (video)

and Shalva makes it through to the finals!
Yesterday the relevant authorities announced that they have refused to approve special consideration for Shalva to use a taped performance for the Saturday rehearsal. That means, if true and final, that Shalva is expected to drop out of the competition. The Israeli representatives to Eurovision (via Kan Broadcasting) have said they are still working on possible solutions, but it seems the chances of it happening are infinitesimal.

it was close, but here is the voting..

and here is a news report.. they went down to Shalva to see the band in its headquarters..

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  1. Just curious, why are you not makpid on kol Isha ?

    1. a. nobody is perfect
      b. who said I am not?
      c. there are multiple heterim to use for anyone who wants (eg. not live, multiple singers, among others)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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