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Mar 19, 2006

Bird flu and my goose

I don't know what to do with my goose. The deadly Bird Flu has hit Israel. In case you did not notice the headlines, after thousands of birds have died, they are pretty certain it is the bird flu H5N1 or something like that. It is either that or Bird AIDS.

That leaves me in a dillema. What to do with my goose. On the one hand, we are not in an area where the infection has been found, so the goose is fine. On the other hand, I do not want to be exposed to it, nor to expose my family and neighbors to it, should it spread.
So, I can shecht it now while it is healthy, rather than deal with it after it gets infected. Or I can do nothing and hope it stays healthy and the virus does not spread to our area.

In addition, somebody nearby with 2 pet ducks dropped them off today for me to shecht tonight, because his family wanted him to get rid of them before the virus hits our area. I guess he took the overly pessimistic yet overly cautious route.

What should we do with our goose? It is a shame to kill him just for the chance that it might catch it. The vet said in the meantime there is nothing to do and no reason to kill it. They have the virus contained to certain areas and if you are not in those areas you are not being instructed to kill your birds.
But they thought they had it contained before it got to Israel too, and it sort of just snuck in..

Oh, what to do?


  1. Kill the goose.

  2. kill the goose! kill the goose! kill the goose!

    wait a minute - I meant don't kill the goose.

    oh well, see what this virus has done to me - sqwak!!!

  3. Kill the goose? What about the golden egg?

  4. The goose has been laying eggs for a while. While they are tasty, none have yet been golden.. I guess it will not be such a loss to shecht her.. especial;ly now that they found some infected birds in Kiryat Gat, it looks as though her chance of a stay of execution is dwindling...


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