Mar 20, 2006

Government not dealing with bird Flu efficiently - don't vote Kadima

Obviously these guys are upset because they are losing all the flocks of chickens and turkeys they raised. Maybe their opinion should be discounted. I do not know.

Ynet is reporting that the farmers and heads of the affected moshavim are blaming the government for working inefficiently and allowing the spread of the virus. Obviously nobody, including Ehud Olmert or anybody else in Kadima, want this flu to spread or birds to get infected. The question is just whether the people running the government are competent and capable of dealing with the situation. If they cannot deal with it, they should resign. At least, nobody should vote for them.

The fowl industry in Israel has been destroyed by this. It has spread quickly unabated. Millions of shekels down the drain, and it happens right before the busiest season - Pesach. There will be an unprecented shortage of fowl for the holiday with skyrocketing prices (this is if anybody will be willing to eat chicken anyway). People will have to buy beef and/or lamb for the holidays, which normally is more expensive, so many people will not be able to afford it for the holiday. In addition, meat prices have been going up because of a supposed shortage of beef due to hoof and mouth disease in Argentina.

Voting Kadima is assisting in bringing disaster on Israel, in every facet of government. Don't vote Kadima! They represent inefficient and corrupt government!

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