Dec 28, 2006

abuse of emergency lights

Were you ever sitting in a traffic jam with cars passing you on the shoulder with their lights flashing? Did you ever sit their wishing you had your own set of emergency lights so you could get through traffic? Did you ever wonder if those guys driving by you with lights flashing were really headed to an emergency or just taking advantage of their lights?

Watch this video to check out abuse of emergency lights by a frum guy in NY named Isaac Heschel. His response to questions is always, "I have reasons"

(HatTip: FailedMessiah)


  1. that's embarrassing. as a frim american jew who used to live in ny, i am embarrassed and ashamed. Should i be?

  2. I guess. I mean, frum jews are human like everybody else and have failings and give in to temptations and all that. But we would like to believe we have more control and try to act better because of our religious standing. It definitely makes a greater chillul hashem when it is a frum Jew than otherwise.

  3. Unbelievable!

    Notice that he apologizes for what he does, but does not say he will stop doing this. I hope they revoke his license!

  4. this guy is funny,but he is performing a huge chillul hashem.

  5. He has subsequently lost his positions with the MTA, the Port Authority, and the general policing councils as a Chaplain. Word is they are also throwing him off hatzolah

  6. at the end of the clip they mention that the various organizations are disassociating themselves with him.

    The question is was he the rule or the exception?

  7. No excuse but I think cops all over the world do that all the time thinking they are above the law.
    Here in Israel the Chief of Police, Karadi, Was recently interviewed for 45 minutes while riding in the back of his car. Throughout the interview neither he nor his interviewer wore a seat belt. It is required by law here and is punishable by a fine and points. But he is, of course, above the law.

  8. Doni - you are right, they do it all the time. They only get in trouble when overdoign it, like caught speeding at 180 kmph, for example.
    However, this guy is not law enforcement. He was only peripherally associated with the various it is much worse.. and he is a frum Jew, who we usually hold to higher standards...

  9. Rafi: I HAVE emergency lights in my car.

    However, even with a light, it's still illegal for a policecar or ambulance to drive on the shoulder in Israel without using a siren.

    So the next time you see a policecar driving on the shoulder with out his siren on, he's totally breaking the law...and it's a 10 point violation.

    Jerks. They do it all day long.

  10. is there any way to stop them? citizens arrest style?


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