Jan 31, 2007

convict or resign

Today the courts will be handing down the verdict in the case against Haim Ramon.

My prediction is that he will be exonerated. I think that the case has almost no merits and is ridiculous. And I do not even like Ramon as a politician.

He might be exonerated with some criticism, which might make it difficult for him to return to his old post as Justice Minister. He might need to take up a new position in the government, which is why Olmert has waited for the ministerial shakeup he has been talking about for a while now. He is waiting to see what he can give Ramon.

And on that note, there have been some calls that if Ramon is found not guilty that would "require" the Attorney General Manny Mazuz to resign. The logic behind this is if he brought such a case to court against such a high ranking public figure and there is no basis to the case and he is found innocent, then manny Mazuz must resign. He will not be able to continue working in his position, as he would have to work closely with Ramon who would return to his position as Justice Minister.

I disagree with that position. Just because he felt there was enough evidence to indict and convict does not gaurantee a conviction. Guilt has to be proven in a court of law and the fact that the prosecuters did not successfully do so should have no bearing on Mazuz's position.

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