Jan 18, 2007

JBlog Awareness Month

Chaim from Life of Rubin blog has come up with a new project - this month has now been declared JBlog Awareness Month.

I have placed at the top of my sidebar the image supporting the program. In addition I have linked the image. I have decided to every day (or whenever I remember to) select a "random" blog, probably from my blogroll, and direct the link on that image/banner toward that blog.

Enjoy, and if you are a blogger, feel free to join the initiative...


  1. Awesome!! I like your idea, I would suggest other bloggers do that also. Every day link to a new blog. Brilliant idea :-)

  2. supposedly my system is random.. it just started and I am going to try to change the link daily, maybe even more than once a day. I am randomly picking blogs from my blogroll, so your could come at any time, or not. No schedule that I can tell you in advance...


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