Jan 4, 2007

potd - what is it?

This guy has been sitting near the train station in Tel Aviv the past few days. Usually I do not have a camera on me, but today for some reason I did, so I snapped the picture.

I have no idea what the instrument he is playing is called. I am not even sure if it can be called a musical instrument. This guy sits there and blows on the instrument. It does not play a tune or any type of music most people are familiar with. Basically it just makes a low, annoying, wavy sound. Maybe one day I will go to the train a few minutes early and ask him what it is called.

As one person said, "This guy looks like he spent one week too many backpacking through India."

--- UPDATE-----

Thanks to some Australian readers comments (and my brother, but I have no idea how he would have known this), it seems this instrument is called a didgeridoo.

Click here to satisfy your curiosity...


  1. It looks like a didgeridoo.
    (google it!)

  2. ahhh - you beat me to it. it's an australian instrument.

  3. I would have to agree with Sarah.

  4. it's clearly an didgerido, an Australian woodwind instrument made from eucalyptus branches. It's traditionally hollowed out by termites who are then removed via fire. I've seen "new-age" ones made from PVC piping that make a very similar sound.

  5. thanks everybody. that is pretty cool that it is australian.. Shaya - how did you know what it is?

    What is it for? it does not sound musical at all!!

  6. I think he stole one of Slifkin's shofars.....

  7. rafi: if the person playing the didgeridoo knows how to do it right it can sound pretty interesting. especially if there's more than one. there's a certain skill to it, to get the breathing and rhythm right. but what would i know, i'm not aboriginal!

  8. while in india, or australia, or whatever, he must be holding in dafyomi and is trying to figure out what is kosher for tekiah.

  9. hubs - then maybe he should have gone to R' Slifkins shiur....


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