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Feb 5, 2007

the morning after

This morning on the train to work I was thinking about the Superbowl from last night.

I figured if the Bears lost and played so poorly, I at least have to come up with something profound to take away from the game. Some sort of lesson to make staying up all night worthwhile.

The game started off with an absolutely amazing play by Chicago Bear Devin Hester. He ran the first kickoff back 92 yards for a touchdown. The first play of the game. If you blinked you would have missed it. After that they played pretty poorly and ended up losing the game.

Sometimes we think that we need some big event, something extremely inspiring, to get us moving. The big play is the important one.

It is not true. It is not the case. The big play is great. It can inspire and motivate. But it is not the most important. The most important is the daily grind. Making the normal plays with consistency (which the Bears did not so last night). Being diligent in the normal routines. That is what brings a person to success.

The Bears made a great play right away. Very inspiring. But they did not cash in. They did not make the regular routine plays. You cannot win without succeeding in the routine plays.

We have to be more diligent in completing our normal, daily routines and activities and not be so worried about the big splashy public things we do. Those are what will bring us our success.


  1. Should I pass on my condolences? At least you turned the devastating loss into something positive.

  2. no need for condolences... thanks though

  3. Very nice. We could say the same about squandered opportunities. Jews who stayed in Bavel or the USA when Hashem returned Eretz Yisrael to Am Yisrael; not building the Miqdash or at least the mizbeach will when He delivered Har HaBayit into our hands... and the list goes on... unfortunately.

  4. At least I remembered who you were rooting for. . .

  5. Nice, very nice, to come up with a lesson from the superbowl lol. No really it is nice, cute:)

  6. that's a great lesson, similar to yitzias mitzrayim. It was the slow and steady that saved the jews and kept them on track. Lo shinum lishonum....yet by kriyas yam suf, they complained right away. The big miracle freaked them out and the impression didn't last, the esorah of their yiddishkeit carried them thru egypt and slavery though.

  7. should be the "mesorah" not esorah

  8. shaya g - and that is the taana we have on the rest of the goyim in comparison to Yitro - he took that feeling of awe that everyone had after witnessing the greatness of Hashem, and did something about it - so next time you feel "moved" take something on yourself so as not to lose the momentum - because as we all know - the inpiration that we gain from the superbowl can wear off real quick!

  9. I was two-years-old when the Bears last won the Superbowl.. maybe when I have a two-year-old we'll win again.


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