Feb 15, 2007

Vote for Al, if you can

Al Franken has finally announced his intentions to run for Senate.

After much consideration and thought, he finally made the leap and announced his candidacy.

He was great on Saturday Night Live. He is a hilarious comedian. He is an insightful and inspired person. He has written some great books. He has been running Air America to combat the likes of Rush Limbaugh.

And he's a Jew, so help out a brother.

If you are from Minnesota, consider voting for Al. If I was, I would. We need more colorful politicians anyway.


  1. It could happen in a state that elected Jesse "The Body" Ventura for governor....

  2. that's right. If it could happen anywhere it would be either Minnesota, like The Body, or California like the Gubernator.

    But Al Franken has dropped his comic routine for the most part already a few years ago. While he still uses comedy to make his ponit at times, he has mostly been dabbling in politics and seriousness the past few years...

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  4. fyi, the incumbent senatoe, norm coleman is also jewish

  5. He might be Jewish, but that doesn't make him GOOD FOR THE JEWS; Look at George Sorros or Tom Freedman. Heck I've vote for Iyyub Kara over plenty of Jews. I haven't read his book, but he's a liberal and a Dem... and they're getting awfully cozy with Imams and Arabs. Then again, that might not be good for the Jews of America but might be good for getting Jews to LEAVE America.

  6. anon - so I guess you are helping out a Jew no matter which way you vote...

    Louis - you are assuming Jews are Republicans. Generally Jews are more affiliated with the Democrats.The repubs have always been in bed with the Arabs and their oil so it is a wash whichever way you go...

  7. "The repubs have always been in bed with the Arabs"

    Really. I guess that would explain why the Democrats want to sell Israel down the river, and Bush is the strongest supporter of Israel we've had in the White House since the Balfour Declaration. Jimmy Carter's been in the Saudis pocket all his life. Democrats love Arab money, and they love the Arab status quo.

    Al Franken is a moron.

  8. Republicans love Arab money just as much as Dems. Look at Bush's relationship with the Saudis who are the source of the most terror of any other Arab country.

    And I am far from convinced that Bush is such a great supporter of Israel. I do not believe for a minute any of his public statements. I look at what has happened in Israel during Bush's tenure. Nothing politically here happens without the backing and pushing of the United States, ever. The years Bush has been prez have been of the most difficult Israel has ever experienced.

  9. "I look at what has happened in Israel during Bush's tenure."

    Of course, the liberal idiots you elected bear no responsibility for the mess they made. What an idiot you are.

    Sure, vote for a Democrat, and vote for Hamas.

  10. all politicians are more or less the same in my mind. The Republicans have made as much of a mess as the Democrats and the Democrats have made as much of a mess as the Republicans. You have not convinced me of a thing and nothing you have said has shown me that the Republicans are any better...

  11. And the liberal idiots elected in Israel are very responsible for what they have done. But the political reality is that nothing here happens without the Presidnt of the US behind it. That is fact. Does not matter who the prez is. Clinton, Bush (either of them), Reagan, etc. Israel never does anything without getting approval, if not instigation and pressure, from the US prez.,


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