Feb 26, 2007

Peretz is too Moroccan for Chelm (video)

Everyone is saying that the following proves we live in Chelm.

If I am not mistaken, Chelm was supposedly in Poland (if it existed at all). Our esteemed Defense Minister hails from Morocco, not Poland. He sports a last name of Peretz.

According to Jew-Gen, a typical Polish name would be something like Berkowitz or Krakowski or the like. Peretz does not even qualify for citizenship in Chelm (it is not my intention to poke fun at Moroccans in general, just specifically this Moroccan. Some of my best friends are Moroccan!)

So what is it already? I saw the picture of this in the newspaper and on-line. Now, thanks to Jameel at The Muqata I have seen the video clip, and I am sharing it with you.

It is unbelievable that this is the Defense Minister. It does not even look like he realized...


  1. Truly Rafi you speak without knowing what the heck you're talking about. I hope you'll apologize for speaking negatively about Mr. Peretz who was using something known and anti-glare reflectors. Go here since you know nothing but speak anyhow.

  2. actually anonymous, you claim the whole country does not know what they are talking about and prefer to think Amir Peretz knows better. a) why would Peretz require the anti-glare reflectors when the guy standing next to him (IDF Chief of Staff Ashkenazy) does not have them? and b) if you look at the binoculars they are covered with lens caps and not with filters.

  3. Incorrect! Those are glare reflectors and not everyone has them or uses them. Having never spent a day in the army you'd probably never know.

  4. ok. I accept your criticism. You are more of the expert than me. But I hope you are consistent and write letters to all the newspapers - Haarez, Jerusalem Post, Maariv, yediot who all had press reps at the event. These reps all photographed the picture of Peretz and published it with criticism of Peretz. Assuming you know better than they who were present and saw up close what really happened and they say it was the lens cap, you should defend his honor publicly and publish a letter in all the media.

  5. I've mentioned this on a number of websites and blogs and some of them have recanted. Point is - don't post negative stuff about folks unless you really know what you're talking about.

  6. rafi:

    why doesn't the video play?

    -ari kinsberg

  7. don't know. It plays for me...

    anon - I still think that if you are correct, you should be contacting the major media sources and correcting them of their mistakes. I have a few readers. The other blogs you commented on and corrected have afew readers. Haaretz has thousands of readers. Yediot and Maariv have thousands of readers. You should be correcting them so their mistake is not mistakenly used in greater public to mistakingly bash the DM.

    As well, I did not take the photograph or the video. I relied on the media who did. They can poke fun at him for this and I cannot? How are you so sure it is an anti-glare filter anyway? You know better than the media who were there? What has the spokesperson for Peretz's office not put out a statement that the press is bashign him for no reason as the lenses were not capped but had an anti-glare lens? Somehow, no matter how smart you are and no matter how many years of army service you performed, I still have reason to believe the newspapers are correct on this. Newspapers have been mistaken in the past. Frequently, as a matter of fact. If you correct them and they check it and find you correct, and they retract, that will prove you right. Your looking at the same photograph as everyone else and seeing something different does not prove anything.

  8. Rafi - I wrote you because you are an orthodox jew and i expect more out of you than i do out of the israeli press. what's okay for them is not okay for you. For the record I'm not a fan of Peretz but I do think that he's taken an unfair share of the blame for the IDF's failures this summer and this video is an unfair way of making him out to be a moron which he isn't. I don't agree with him but fairness should be a Torah value upheld by a Torah Jew.


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