Nov 4, 2007

HH #139 is up

Haveil Havalim 139 is being hosted at A Mother in Israel. She did a great job.

MOI is also a finalist in the Weblog awards under the Middle East category. I always like to vote for the underdog, and she is competing against some real big names, so head on over and cast your can vote once every 24 hours...

Haveil Havalim #140 will be hosted right here at Life in Israel. I am considering, for technical reasons, including only submission per blog (instead of the usual "as many as you submit"), so try to pick for submission the one you really want included, or I might be the one choosing for you...

1 comment:

  1. the great yigal amir named his kid S H A L O M !

    He sure saved us from "peace" or rather being made into pieces


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