Apr 30, 2009

Some Neturei Karta irony

Something I noticed, but don't understand how it came to be, is that in this years batch of media articles and pictures of Neturei Karta protests against the State of Israel, they were all about the group of Neturei Karta from Bet Shemesh (don't worry - there are still less than 100 including all their kids).

It used to be that they were centered in Jerusalem - Meah She'arim - and had smaller enclaves in other areas such as Bet Shemesh. Now it seems Bet Shemesh must have somehow become their main enclave.

I have no intention to link to any of those articles, to show any of their pictures or to relate to their protests in any way.

In light of that, I drove through RBS B right before Yom Ha'atzmaut and my wife needed to run into a store. While waiting in the car, I noticed the side street right where I was was named 'Mitzpe HaRash"ap'. I have no idea who the Rasha"p was or what the acronym of his name stands for, but I found that street and its location to be highly appropriate. Rasha"p, after all, also the acronym for "Reshut HaPalastinit" - The PLO. So right in the stronghold of the Neturei Karta, one of the local streets bears a name similar to that of the PLO. I thought that was a bit of irony worth sharing...

And on that note, I will share with you a story I heard recently about the Neturei Karta. Supposedly, if it is true, the Brisker Rav was talking with Rav Amram Blau, the head of NK, about a protest against the State for something or other.
The Brisker Rav supposedly asked Blau if he would have (or maybe if he did) hel such protests against the government in Russia.
Blau said no, as they would have been shot dead.
The Brisker Rav said that makes you a Zionist - you only protest in Israel because you are confident in the police's ability and gaurantee to guard over you. So you rely on their protection, and their freedom to protest, to protest. You are really a Zionist.


  1. אוצר ראשי התבות lists about 5 rabbis with those initials

  2. I would guess it is someone who lived fairly recently

  3. Joe in AustraliaApril 30, 2009 3:09 PM

    Similarly, I would have ever so much more respect for the NK if they were to live in Palestinian-controlled areas. We all know why they don't: their life wouldn't be worth a prutah.

  4. In response to Joe, at the beginning of the Oslo Process some of Neturei Karta did take up residence in the PA (or at least spent a lot of time there).
    I think "Rabbi" Moshe Weiss is the individual in Hassidic garb who was seen in many pictures of the PA legislators, if I remember correctly, he was the only one on the PA who voted against the retraction of the PA charter.

    No idea whether any of these individuals are still regulars in the PA.

  5. Rashap is acronym for PLO or PA?
    The anecdote about the Rov and R' Amram Blau is interesting. The Brisker Rov was vehemently anti-Zionist. He believed yidchud is assur with a Zionist, for they are prone to murder.

  6. rasha"p as an acronym for PA (you are right about that) is in Hebrew "reshut hapalestinit"

  7. His name was not "Blau". His name was RAV Blau. He did not meet with the leaders of Iran and he was very loved and respected. Even by chiloni Police that used to arrest him.

  8. I think you should update the story to read that it involved the Brsoker rov and Rav Blau, as he was a Talmid Chochom respected on all levels.

    Dont know if you understood WHY the Rov held that, but its based on the brisker shitta to which both Rav Chaim and theRov held - and that is that the Tziyonim are chashud on Shefichas Damim. Thats why the Rov was against all protesting against the zionists, except when there was a breach in one of the big 3 - such as sheirut leumi, which the Poskim called yehareg V'Alyaavor -because of gilui arayos.

  9. corrected. no insult or disrespect was intended.

  10. Israel is the only country in the world where a twisted group of self-hating Jews get the country's protection whether they like it or not. The short reply to NK would there would be no reason for a Jew to live in Eretz Israel if it wasn't the Jewish homeland. They choose to live there in spite of their ideology Jews are not to leave the exile. Which is incorrect by the way. The great sages say it is a mitzvah to settle Eretz Israel and Jews have returned to it long before political Zionism appeared on the scene. There would have been a Jewish State one way or another because haredi Jews have to argue not with Herzl but with G-d.


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