Apr 20, 2009

Durban - the place where the world lost its mind (videos)

Watch as the world loses its mind....


  1. First of all, this is not the world is not losing its mind. It's the world actually reacting appropriately to this guy for once.

    Second, this is happening in Geneva, not Durban (which is in South Africa, where the last such conference was). The fact that every video of the speech says, "Geneva" in the corner, and that Israel pulled its ambassador to Switzerland, not SA, should have been the first giveaways. For someone who understands the intricacies of local Israeli politics, I'm surprised you let that one get through.

  2. the world loses its mind by giving him a platform to speak from. the fact that some, many, walked out is the bright light. but the fact that they invited him and let him speak....

    I stand corrected. I meant the Durban conf (2).

  3. It's not even the Durban Conference II. It's the World Conference against Racism. The first two were held in Geneva, the third in Durban. The results of that one were so unfortunate that the word "Durban" became associated with the infamous outcome.

    The media (and countries protesting the conference) have been calling this one "Durban II" to association this one to the last one, reflecting their fears (so far unfounded, based on the chilly reaction to Ahmadenejad's speech, and the fact that so many countries are protesting this one from the outset) that history will repeat itself.


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