Nov 2, 2016

lost money in Osher Ad returned to owner by good people

An Eritrean employee of the Bet Shemesh branch of Osher Ad lost all the money he had saved up for his eventual wedding.

Barak Tofsei had saved up $4700 from his job at Osher Ad over the course of 3 years.

I don't know why he walks around with all his life's savings in an envelope in his pocket, but he was and at some point he realized that his packet of money was no longer in his pocket.

A customer in Osher Ad found the packet of money, and turned it in to the officer in charge of security and together they used the security cameras to discover that Tofsei had lost the money. They then went and returned the money to him..

Tofsei was overjoyed to have his money returned to him. He explained that he works long hours to save money to send back to his family and to save up for his wedding, to his girlfriend he has not seen in 3 years because he is in Israel working. He offered a $50 reward to the person who found it, but it was refused.

Tofsei said that he has only good memories of Israel. He says his managers treat him well, as do customers in the store. While he is happy to be going home soon, he says he will remember Israel and the good people of Israel fondly.
source: Ynet

There are good people in Bet Shemesh. He/She could have easily just kept it for himself/herself. Instead s/he turned it in and caused a kiddush hashem.


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