Jan 22, 2017

Bnei Braq should become twin cities with Los Gatos, Califonia

According to a report on Kikar, the Vishnitz neighborhood of Bnei Braq and Los Gatos, California have a lot in common.

Both communities are upset at Waze. Though for slightly different reasons.

Residents of Los Gatos, California were suffering from heavy traffic on the residential streets as Waze would redirect drivers trying to avoid traffic through the town's quieter streets. All that redirected traffic suddenly made the streets dangerous for the kids and brought in more traffic, pollution and noise. They tried to get Waze to stop redirecting traffic through their residential area, to no avail. Eventually people resorted to falsely reporting traffic jams so that Waze would not route drivers through their streets. I do not know how that situation was resolved, if at all. I also remember similar stories being reported from other cities across America as well.

In Bnei Braq they are now experiencing something very similar. People from neighboring towns are being routed through the small and narrow streets of the Vishnitz neighborhood of Bnei Braq to get to Highway 4 via quicker, less congested, route.

The new traffic and noise seems to bother the residents of this neighborhood less, and the tzniyus problems of the secular drivers sitting in their cars on the neighborhood streets bothers them more. They are looking for ideas how to put an end to this problem.

I would recommend they start off the falsely reporting traffic jams, just to get Waze to not send drivers on these roads. And then, if that is not enough, they should petition City Hall to close off the roads so they will not continue to be used as thoroughfares.

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  1. They'll have to stop one of the "outsider" cars for smartphone access...

  2. oof, they found my shortcut.


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