Jan 26, 2017

punishment for marijuana use

Minister of Internal Security Gilad Erdan has announced a change of policy regarding marijuana use. According to Erdan, private marijuana use will no longer be considered criminal but will be subject to fines. The authorities have to decided to not bother citizens in their homes for private use but to focus on marijuana use in public places.

Regarding private use, first offense will result in a fine. Second offense will result in a doubled fine. Third offense will result in a criminal record being opened. At the fourth offense, the police will consider an indictment.

Kids, however, will be subject to slightly stricter treatment. First offense will result in conditional treatment. Third offense will result in criminal treatment.

Basically, Erdan says society looks at marijuana use differently nowadays and considers it more legitimate. People should not have their futures, and ability to find employment and be a part of society, hurt by a criminal record for something society considers legitimate.
source: NRG

little by little... eventually maybe it will even be legal under certain conditions..

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