Apr 29, 2018

kashrut alert: dairy Pringles

According to the OU, many flavors of Pringles are now really dairy and no longer pareve or "dairy equipment". The recipe has been changed and if the ingredients state "whey" or "milk", the product you are holding in your hands is really dairy.

In the words of the Orthodox Union:
Pringles is changing many of their OU pareve potato crisps to OU dairy. This may or may not be a result of a product reformulation. If a Pringles product is marked OUD and ingredients state ‘whey’ or ‘milk’, it is real dairy. If the ingredients don’t state ‘whey’ or ‘milk’, it is dairy equipment. Those that have the plain OU designation are pareve. Consumers should always be careful to check for the kosher designation.  

don't just assume pareve as they always were...that is no longer the case.

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