Apr 26, 2018

will the Knesset get a female Rabbi?

The Knesset recently published a tender for a new Rabbi of the Knesset. The responsibilities assigned to this position include responsibility for all religious issues such as kashrut, the Knesset shul, installing and maintaining mezuzot, selling the chametz, and more.

Initially the tender required applicants to hold rabbinic certification from the Rabbanut of Israel at the level of "Yoreh Yoreh". That requirement was just removed after the Reform Center For Religion and State petitioned the relevant parties with a complaint that this is discriminatory against women as the Rabbanut does not allow women to take their certification tests.

The Knesset authorities accepted the petition and changed the requirements to requiring applicants to hold minimally an academic BA along with certification as mashgiach kashrut for the Rabbanut - a certification women are able to attain.
sources: Srugim, Actualic
So theoretically, a woman, or any mashgiach kashrut, or any other non-rabbi meeting non-rabbi requirements, can qualify for the job of Rabbi of one of the most important government institutions.

Strange. I am even surprised the Haredi MKs did not block this change, as they have done with similar attempts in many other places in government.

Maybe we will soon see a female rabbi of the Knesset. That will definitely be interesting to see...

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  1. The charedi parties don't care a whit about religion in Israel. In fact, the less of it, or the more untraditional, the better, as it confirms their biases. They're about to officially recognize Reform conversions. Religion only matters to them as a way of getting money or jobs or flexing their muscles (e.g., the train thing) in furtherance of getting more money and jobs.

  2. You're right to a point, Nachum, but think that the Rabbinate and religious parties are afraid they fighting a losing battle and try to downplay somethings more than others, because they know this battle continues on and there might be more urgent matters that they will really have to fight for. There is no question, this is all part of the 'deJudaization' of Israel. The Reform movement and those in the knesset who fight for these chillulei H' are definitely Erev Rav. Their whole reason for being seems to be to follow the ways of the nations and merege with them, chas v'sholom. They are more globalist than other countries. The ancient Greeks and Romans, etc. were no worse than them. As long as these chilulei H' are being forced upon the Jewish nation, the worse the situation gets in E.Y. and the rest of the world. They are fighting the Ribbono Shel Olam and they think they can win? What fools.

  3. Interesting, seems like both of you agree to the opinion of the Satmar Rov, that the chareidi MKs don't accomplish anything. Never thought I would see that on this site...

  4. it is clear they have many accomplishments, but it seems they are very particular about what interests them enough to work for


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