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Apr 30, 2018

Interesting Psak: Don't go to Meron on Lag B'Omer

Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef said that people should not cancel their regular learning seders and chavrusas to go to Meron for Lag b'Omer but should continue with their regular learning schedules.

Rav Yosef said there is no mitzva to go to Meron on Lag b'Omer and doing so should not be at the expense of the yeshiva learning schedule. If you have a chalaka to do, why do you have to go to Meron - during the afternoon break make a stop at the grave of Shimon Hatzaddik (in Jerusalem) and do it there. Why cause bittul torah? Somebody who is not learning and does not have a yeshiva schedule to keep, he can go to Meron, but somebody with a learning schedule should not stop learning for this. If you would ask Rashbi whether he prefers people visit his grave or continue learning torah, what do you think he would answer? Is there any question that Torah is above everything and that you should spend your time learning Torah and not going to Meron?

Rav Yosef continued that there is bein hazmanim, so every few years you should go during bein hazmanim to various kivrei tzaddikim rather than ruining the yeshiva schedule. Meron has been turned into some sort of obligation - though it is mostly by the Chassidim and Sefardim, though the Ashkenazim have been ruined a bit by us as well. But for what? All the yeshivas and kollels should continue learning as normal. We just had vacation [a few weeks ago for Pesach] - how can we take another vacation now?
source: Kikar

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