Apr 26, 2018

Headline of the Day

Putin eats matzah all year round, says Russia's chief rabbi

  -- Ynetnews

Rabbi Berel Lazar further said, "Putin eats matzah while drinking tea....Putin said matzah is tasty, easy and healthy to eat. He eats the matzah I bring him," 

Is he makpid on hand matza or machine matza? shmura or plain? if he eats it with tea he clearly eats gebrokts (aka shruya), unlike Rabbi Lazar who brings it to him. I'd like to see Putin eat his matza over a bag like a real Chabadnik!

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1 comment:

  1. Unless he dips his matzah in the tea, it's not gebrox to most. Though of course, today's machmir stringency culture tends to that position.

    You should have said he doesn't keep his matzah in a plastic bag, being careful not to get any drops of tea on the matzah. That's the machmir lubavitch culture.


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