Aug 2, 2007

Bestiality in the knesset

Yeah, it is kind of an inappropriate title.

Today, the members of government showed, once again, how classy they truly are.

There has been an ongoing crisis with the holocaust survivors. They want funding and the government has been offering pathetic solutions (no comment on that issue right now..). Recently PM Olmert came up with a new solution which would allow him to double the stipend per survivor.

The catch is that to do so he had to cut out half of the survivors from the funding. He is doing so (proposing it at least) by splitting survivors into different categories. Those who actually were in concentration camps and survived, and those who survived outside of camps.

According to Olmert's proposal, only survivors of actual camps would be eligible for the funding, while general survivors would not be.

MK Opher Pines-Paz said regarding that proposal, that had Anne Frank survived, she would not qualify for funding as a survivor under Olmert's proposal.

He was clearly trying to shock the system by suggesting that Olmert is not calling the second category survivors, as they did not spend their time in concentration camps.

In response to Pines-Paz's shocking statement, PM Olmert accused Pines-Paz of bestial behavior.

In response to that, Pines-Paz said Olmert is the beast.

Wow. What an argument. They sound like my children.

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