Aug 15, 2007

silly fundraising letter

I recently gave a small donation to a local charity for which I just received a thank you note. The charity in question is a sub-division of a larger charity in which I donate to fairly regularly.

I remember the specific donation. I had made a donation to the parent charity and the next day (I assume by chance - I think they were just going around the neighborhood) someone showed up at my door for this new charity. They explained to me it is specifically for dealing with giving clothing to the needy and they are a sub-division of local charity x.

I said I just gave them a donation yesterday so I will only give you something small. I had 20 shekel in my pocket and gave it to him.

I just received a very nice letter and I would never have expected it for a small 20 shekel donation, let alone one that I gave in cash.

What's funny about it though is not the fact that I got a letter thanking me for a 20 shekel donation. What is funny is the text of the letter.

"Dear Mr. Rafi G shlita,

On behalf of the hundreds of families who merited to benefit from your donation and received vouchers for basic clothing towards the yomim tovim and the summer.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your kind contribution of 20 shekels.

The donation was distributed 100% to the needy. etc. etc. etc.

(The letter was sponsored by company y)"

If my measly 20 nis donation helped hundreds of families buy basic clothing, they must have bought about a quarter of a sock, if that much, for each family. They really spread out the donations!!!


  1. Hey Rafi,
    I volunteer for this guy(the head) Yom Tov time because he doesn't speak
    English. It's almost a 1 man show and
    he's trying to encourage people as best he can.(He sent me 2 thank you notes, 1 for a donation and 1 for helping.) If there's a way to put in more effort he will. I think he would send this ( mass) letter for 5 shekel to encourage more.
    Solly G.
    p.s.-assuming this is the same org(M K)

  2. oh, I did not mean I should not have gotten a letter for 20 shekel (though it is a little weird), I meant the text that my 20 shekel helped hundreds of families.....

  3. wow, 20 shekel the exchange rate in Israel must have gone right up to help hundreds of families!

    You have a good way at looking at things Rafi, you gave me a giggle..with my quarter of a sock!

    Shalom Mr Bagel
    Mr Bagel
    Check out:Bodgey Bagel's Caption Contest


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