Aug 21, 2007

Double your Mitzva

Shirat HaYam was a beautiful seaside village in the Gish Katif area. It was a central part of the disengagement as anti-disengagement protesters gathered there by the hundreds to stage a standoff. Eventually Shirat HaYam was evacuated like the rest of the Gush.

The people of Shirat HaYam have been promised a permanent home. A community is supposed to be built for them in the Jordan Valley. Until that actually happens, they have moved around a number of times.

Where they are living now they have no synagogue. Innovative as they are, they have come up with an interesting fundraising program, called "Double Your Mitzva".

Basically the idea is that as you now renew your synagogue annual membership and/or purchase seats for the High Holidays/Yamim Noraim, you can have your synagogue double the donation and they will get the proceeds, which will help them build their synagogue, giving them a place to pray during the upcoming holidays.

Read up on it for more info...

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  1. I think you can also send them a check directly!


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