Aug 11, 2007

getting back

We will be back up and running as normal any day now. I have a number of posts I am in the middle of. Some might be on events that you have already read about elsewhere - events that happened within the two weeks I was away, and then I will be back to current...

Be patient though, it might take a few days to gte back to normal - I have to get settled at work and home and get things back to schedule..


  1. You work? LOL

    I haven't had much head for blogging, although I am working on something. Welcome back; usually jet lags takes a full week but everyone slept through last night (we arrived Wed.)

  2. Hatzlacha!
    I'm looking forward to the postings.

  3. Welcome back.

    For my part, I'm looking forward to your astute political commentary on the Israeli politics.

  4. moi - I try to avoid it as much as possible, but alas, generally I must work!

    neil - thanks

    jdj - its coming, its coming!


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