Aug 22, 2007

Facebook reveals all

I joined Facebook a little while back. A number of friends had urged me too and I finally acquiesced.

For a couple of weeks I had no idea what the point of it was or what I was supposed to do with it. Now, I pretty much find it to be just another method of sending friends messages and stuff.

Yesterday (August 21) was my birthday. The only people who found out, were those registered as my friends on Facebook. That is because Facebook has this nifty (yes, I just used the word nifty) feature that it tells all your friends when your birthday is coming. That way, you get flooded with messages wishing you a happy birthday. (thank you all for your kind wishes)

The thing is, yesterday was my English birthday. I celebrate my Hebrew birthday, which falls out this Shabbos. I do so despite the fact that I still think of the English one first.

The only thing is Facebook only has English dates, and no Hebrew dates, so I am registered there with my birthday being August 21 instead of 11 Elul.

That's all fine.

I do wonder though when the day will come when that will change.

Until very recently (like, last week I think), I could not verify my Facebook account. I did not really care, but it was a slight inconvenience. Every time I wanted to send someone a message on Facebook, I had to type in some word verification code that was nearly impossible to read. I could not verify my account to get rid of those codes, because I live outside of the United States.

Lo and behold, last week I get a message from Facebook that they can now do international account verification.

The day will soon come, I am sure, where they will work with other calendars and dating systems as well.


  1. ummm, oh yeah , that's right, happy b-day bro!!!! we were waiting for your hebrew date since you live in Israel now.......(yeah right)

    luv ya

  2. In that case, it'll be good Shabbos and Happy Birthday to you this weekend!

  3. there is a program called Hebrew date that lets you display your Hebrew birthday in your profile also!

  4. Its obvious you are fishing for birthday wishes - so Happy Birthday..

    How do we find you on facebook without telling them our name, rank, serial number, bank account number and social sercurity number...

  5. Don't forget Geni!
    That 's how I found out.
    Solly G.


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